Wednesday, January 1, 2014

an update, sorta

The past few months have been crazy busy! Between working, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the girls, and trying to spend time with my husband I have no time to blog. And if I do get a free minute Im usually trying to catch up on sleep. Im laying in bed right now as Calli watches cartoons so I might have time for a quick update.
Calli is 2 years old. Terrible twos are out in full effect. Our days usually consit of a lot of tantrums, tears, and timeouts. I am totally not a disciplinarian but I am terrified of raising an obnoxious disrespectful brat. I think I might be doing okay so far because people always tell me how well mannered she is. Calli is so smart its unbelievable. She can count to 20, sing her abc's, identify her colors, and hold a short conversation.
Fallon is 7 months old already! She has 2 teeth, she is crawling loves eating and nursing, and is sleeping through the night. Fallon is such a happy easy going baby. When she's not in my arms being cuddled and kissed, she's crawling after her sister trying to keep up. Its so great to see how close they are already.

*update: this post actually took me a couple of days to write. These girls definitely keep me busy.

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