Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday funday

It's moments like this I wish I could slow down time. I swear the weekdays are too short and the weekends are even shorter. I find myself rushing and constantly in go mode that I never really take the time to sit and relax and really soak up all of the beauty of my life. Today has been nice because while randee and Fallon napped calli and I had some time to ourself.
We started my playing outside in the dirt. Calli started off with socks and shoes on but she insisted in taking them off so I thought I'd join her. It totally made me remember what it was like to be a kid. Playing outside in the dirt, getting as dirty as you want, without a care in the world. Then we put on some music and had a little dance party with just the two of us. Of course we had to listen to our girl Beyoncé. I remember when I was pregnant I would listen to Beyoncé at least 3 times a week as I cleaned the house. I thought, oh man this child is going to come out dancing Beyoncé. Then we heard the ice cream truck so we ran outside to chase it down. Calli is lactose intolerant so we each got a push up. I know, taking it way back to the 90's. Except for in the 90's I don't think they were $1.00 each! Oh well, you can't put a price a memories. After calli was completely dirty from playing in the backyard and sticky from the ice cream I gave her a bath and she passed out immediately. 
I want to be the mom that isn't afraid to do things with their child. Play in the dirt and get dirty, dance with her and look totally silly, chase down the ice cream truck for Popsicles, and not mind if we both get a little dirty. Life is made up of memories and I don't want to be afraid to make any.


  1. I hope Calli remembers these days when she's older. My mom was never the one to do all the fun stuff with us, I only remember spending days at the creek with my dad doing pretty much everything you can imagine lol I'm glad to see you spending this kind of time with her.

    1. same with my dad! I definitely want to have a good relationship with my girls and do a lot of stuff with them that they can look back on and have great memories of

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