Monday, January 20, 2014

Calli's 2nd Birthday

We really love having parties in our family so when it was time for Calli's 2nd birthday it was never a question of whether or not she would have a party. We decided to go with a Doc McStuffins theme because she absolutely loves that show and to be completely honest I kind of love the show too.
In the cartoon the main character is a doctor to stuffed animals and toys so we took the doctor theme and ran with it. Calli absolutely loved the party and I think her guest did too.

yummy cupcakes

Docs Pharmacy

thermometer, aspirin, kisses for the boo boos, an apple a day keeps the doc away.

cough syrup

thank you for coming to your appointment. -Doc Calli

Patient ER

Doc Calli

bounce house

I loved planning this party and a lot of the stuff was DIY. Im not the craftiest person but i really enjoyed putting the party together and thinking of all the Doc stuff.

I made the cupcake stand using cardboard, wrapping paper, tulle, cans, scrapbook paper, and beads.
I got the cupcake topper printable from etsy. Home made cupcakes.

Docs pharmacy:
asprin-jelly beans
vitamins- m&ms
an apple a day keeps the doc away- carmel apple pops
thermometer- licorice
kisses for the boo boos- hershey kisses
cotton balls- cotton candy
bandaids- wafers
cough syrup- pink lemonade

Party favors are simple purple paper bags that the guest could fill up with candy from the pharmacy to take home. "Thank you for coming to your appointment. -Doc Calli

Patient ER are a bunch of Calli's stuffed animals bandaged up for the kids to play with.

I ordered a bunch of little toddler size disposable lab coats online for the kids to wear. I put name tags on them and got each of the kids little doctor kits. ($1 from target) All of the kids got to wear their little lab coats and Calli wore her cute little Doc Mcstuffins costume.

The party turned out great and I'm excited to start planning Fallon's 1st birthday party.


  1. Beautiful party! My daughter would love a Doc party.

    1. My daughter loves doc mcstuffins. it is the cutest little cartoon :)