Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A day for the 2 of us?..

May 22, 2013
So after being completely obsessed with going into labor and doing everything I could to naturally induce labor I decided that  I would stop stop obsessing over it and she would come when she was ready. To get my mind off of all things baby and labor and delivery I decided that Calli and I would have a fun filled mommy daughter day. I knew I would probably be having her sister within the next few days and just wanted to take some time for just the 2 of us. 

We started our morning by going out to breakfast at ihop. Calli sat with me in the booth and we colored waiting for our food. I usually don't order her a meal for herself because I just share what I get but I was extremely hungry on this morning and did not want to share lol. I ordered Calli the pancake smily face and she was so amused. She spent more time looking and poking at it than she did eating it. We wrapped up our breakfast and then headed to the park.

coloring at breakfast

smiley face pancake! :)

breakfast date :)

cutie at breakfast

It was such a nice day out so we went to a nearby park. The park had a small jungle gym and slide which I thought was the perfect size for Calli but she really did not want anything to do with it. She spent most of the time at the park running around in the grass laughing as I chased after her. We had to cut our time at the park short when a lady came into the park and let her dog off of the leash to just run around freely. I got all of our things and decided that we would just go to the mall.

enjoying the park

smelling the flowers

Calli fell asleep in the short car ride to the mall so I spent some time walking around, shopping a little bit, and even got my eyebrows done lol. Once she woke up from her nap we went into the play area for kids and she had a blast just running around with the other kids and climbing on the toys.

playing at the mall

I woke up that morning with some cramps but I had been having random cramps for the past few days so I didn't  even really think about them. Once we were at the mall I realized that the cramps weren't going away but were actually pretty consistent and thats when I realized I was having contractions and they were coming pretty regular. My contractions were actually coming about every 7 minutes apart so Calli and I had to cut our day short and head home. 

Its so crazy to think that was my morning the day Fallon was born. It was perfect, spending that time with my princess before we would welcome our next princess into the world.

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