Monday, April 29, 2013

Circus circus

This past weekend we went to the circus and we had such a good time! I've never been to the circus and I had no idea of what to expect. It was the universoul circus and I had never heard of it but Randee said it is really popular on the east coast. Calli was a little young to really know what was going on but it was really good family time and we all enjoyed ourselves. It's so crazy to think that in about a month we won't be having these family outing with the 3 of us. It will be four of us. Calli won't be the baby anymore but she'll be the big sister. I just want us to have as much time as a family with Calli as we can before the baby comes.

I can't believe we had to buy a ticket for Calli lol

It was so hot under the big top.

Circus performers.

A great time as a family.

Daddy daughter. Calli is wearing her giraffe hat. 

Calli is so funny when she eats cotton candy.

Circus animals perform.

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