Thursday, March 14, 2013

our fairy tale

There are some days where my husband drives me completely crazy and everything he does seems to irritate me. those days are becoming few and far between. I would say this last month has really opened my eyes to the wonderful husband he is trying to be, the amazing father has has become, and the better man that he is striving for. 
his command christmas party 2012
He has really shown me the wonderful husband that he can be, the reason I married him 5.29.2009. We have been through so much and I'm so happy with where we are right now in our relationship. I think we have truly reached a point of our marriage where it feels like we are one.

He is an amazing father and seeing him with our daughter completely melts my heart. The love he has for her is unreal, the smile he gets when he's with her is breath taking, the way she can get her way with just a smile is a given. Seeing them play together is the highlight of my day and makes everything else seem irrelevant.

wedding day 5.29.2009
If you were to ask me 4 years ago where we would be I would have given you some some dramatic fairy tale answer. Although our lives together are far from a fairy tale he makes me feel like I am a queen and treats our daughter like a princess.
I am truly blessed. 

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