Sunday, March 24, 2013

29 weeks pregnant

They say each pregnancy is different and from experience i can say it is completely true! When I look back at the pregnancy with my daughter Calli, it was pretty much a breeze. I had little to no uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms and I always felt great. This pregnancy is much different than the last and I think the one symptom that I can do without is the complete exhaustion and tiredness. I am tired ALL THE TIME. I don't have time to be tired, I have a very rambunctious 18 month old, a demanding job, a household to keep up with, and a husband to maintain a relationship with. 
With all of the joys of pregnancy this is definitely not one of them. I know this is just the being of my exhaustion because becoming a mom of 2 little ones under 2 will be no walk in the park.
just a preview of whats to come.

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